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Autumn Road

Pastoral Team

Paul Oh

Lead Pastor

Paul grew up attending the Catholic church, but only heard the good news of Jesus in first year university when a friend invited him to attend New Life (English ministry of Saesoon Church).

The comforting and convicting gospel message of grace changed everything. Since then, Paul has served 4 years as a pastor in high school ministry, and then 6 years at New Life - the same congregation he became a believer, before following his convictions to plant Kingsway. 

Paul is happily married to Yunny, and loves being a father to his son Reuben and daughter Zoe.

Paul likes reading about gadgets and Apple products, watching movies, and drinks his coffees with soy milk and sugar (no judging!).

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Peter Jung

Magnification Pastor

Born in Korea and raised in New Zealand, Peter has been living in Australia since the age of 10. Though he grew up in a healthy Christian household, it was not until the age of 17 when on a short term mission trip to Indonesia, that Peter found his personal faith in Jesus Christ.

He has since been called into the ministry and has served as a High School Pastor and Worship Pastor for several years. During that time he developed a heart for Music Ministry and is passionate to use this ministry to glorify God, bless His Church and reach the lost.

Peter is excited to be a part of the worship culture that Kingsway Evangelical Church will develop and hopes to use this as a platform to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to this generation and beyond!

Daniel Kang

Membership Pastor

Even though Daniel grew up in a Christian home and attended church regularly, he remained doubtful about Christianity all throughout his youth.

It wasn’t until university when he decided to take the claims of Jesus seriously and has been following Him ever since. Daniel is convinced that new churches reach new people, and it is his passion to see God use Kingsway to grow Christians in the faith, but also to see this new church reach new people who have never heard of the life-changing news of Jesus.

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