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Image by Conor Sexton

Ministry Teams


EJ Lam

Service Team

Service team exists to create intentional gatherings that are distraction-free by coordinating an orderly gathered service experience so that Kingsway is spurred on to freely focus wholly on God.


Mark Bae

Mission Team

Mission Team exists to make Jesus known through every Christian in Kingsway by equipping and spurring on the church community to share the Good news of Jesus and participate in acts of mercy that display God’s heart for the lost and broken.


Mincheol Lee

Events Team

Events ministry exists to create shared spaces for every person in the church to have opportunities in starting and strengthening a sense of shared Gospel community.


Sarah Choi

Kids Team

Kids Team consists of Kings Kids and Kings Cubs and it exists to provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn the Gospel truth and to grow in their love for God and His people.


Joan Shim

Design Team

Design Team exists to use God-given creative gifts to communicate the beauty of the creator by producing graphic design, photography and other related elements both for when Kingsway "gathers" and "scatters".


Annie Jeong

Praise Team

Praise Team exists to see Kingsway worship God in song with mind, heart and soul through leading worship in the singing of thoughtful, congregational, biblical and emotive songs that teach and point to Jesus.


David Choe

Connect Team

Connect Team exists to help newcomers continue to feel more at home at Kingsway by facilitating, exampling and cultivating the connection of individuals to the Kingsway community.


Sujin Jun

Media Team

Media Team exists to utilise God's gift of technology to amplify the church's life and worship by creating, displaying and broadcasting content both when Kingsway "gathers" and "scatters".

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