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Ministry Teams


EJ Lam

Sunday Team

Our goal is to help the Church express their love for God in all the ways possible.


In order to do this, we help facilitate our weekly Sunday gatherings so that people can hear God’s Word preached, respond to Him by praying and singing songs, and continue to worship Him in other church gatherings and in their daily lives.


Mark Bae

Mission Team

We believe that God's love transforms us and overflows into every facet of our lives.


We are passionate about sharing this love with other people. Our mission is to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We endeavour to do this by equipping and empowering Kingsway Evangelical Church to go near and far to witness God's amazing grace.


David Chae

Events Team

Meet. Talk. Grow.

Our aim is to create opportunities for church members to meet and create meaningful relationships with one another.


We hope to do this by facilitating activities that will bring about conversations about Jesus and allow the church to become a strong faith family.


Amy Lee

King's Kids

In Children’s Ministry, we hope to provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn the gospel truth and to grow in their love for God and His people.


Our desire is to see our children grow and mature as their lives get shaped by the good news of Jesus Christ.


We hope to guide and equip our children to lovingly and joyfully serve the church and to reach out to the wider community for the glory of God.


Joan Shim

Design Team

As Jesus told parables to communicate truth, as a design team our mission is to tell stories, most importantly, God’s story.


We believe there is nothing more compelling than to hear the stories of how God is at work in the lives of our people.


We aim to do this by making sure every person that steps into the church is able to feel welcomed, not only physically but also visually. To help the church to be joyous in their heart, ears and eyes. 


Peter Jung

Praise Team

We are the music team of the church. We are convinced that music is a beautiful gift from God and that the church has been called by God to worship him by singing together.


Through the medium of music, we exist to provide and preside a space without distraction, in which the church is reminded of the grace and glory of God.


By leading the church into biblically sound, musically excellent and spirit-filled praise, it is our desire that God might be glorified, and his church edified through the time of congregational singing.


We are a ministry that Loves God, loves his church and loves music — in that order!

P PAUL.jpg

Paul Oh

Growth Groups

We believe growing in our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing we can do in this life.


To do this, we gather in small groups weekly (or fortnightly) to look at what God says in His Word.


We believe that as we look to Him, we will begin to look more and more like Him.

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